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Руководства по наблюдению за глубоким космосом (анг.язычное)
http://www.faintfuzzies.com/DownloadableObservingGuides2.html08.03.2021, 23:31

This is a collection of observing guides I have developed for the serious deep sky observer.  A bit of a history of the structure of these guides - Back in the late 70's, I observed with AstroCards and liked the idea of the "one-stop shop" observing tool.  Then in the early 2000's, I started compiling my own "one-stop" observing pages for my observing program.  I started with some of the lists I was working on; Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups and Abell Planetary Nebulae.  Once I was done observing them, they became my very first guides for sale complete with eyepiece renditions and observing notes.    I had planned to release observing guides for sale for almost all of the ones below, but found that I would take way too much time to observe every object, write notes, sketch each, etc...then make a publish quality publication.  I said "forget it" and offer them for FREE to observers.   So I hope that you find these guide enjoyable to use at the field.  If you feel inclined to share your thoughts, observing notes, or any comments, just email me.  My email is at he bottom of this page.

The main idea of the "one-stop shop" idea is to have everything an observer needs to locate and effectively find the object by manual star hopping. A naked eye chart with a Telrad overlay centered on the object, coupled with a finder chart and a DSS image all on one page.  I still use this method today while observing, hence I do not have DSC's in my 22" reflector.

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